General Information: 

The Rocker sprayer consists of a pressure chamber and all components, the handle is permanently installed and fixed with a frame. In this sprayer there is no water or material storage tank, one foot valve (with a long suction hose) is assembled which is put in the barrel or bucket filled with pesticides or chemicals is going to spray. The operator need to move the handle forward and backward for generating a pressure that pressure pushes the pesticide then it is spraying from the Brass lance.

Type: Rocker sprayer.


  • Multipurpose sprayer for both small- & large-scale spraying on field crop in Orchards, Apple, Mango, Lemon & Tall trees.
  • Most versatile sprayer for all field crops.


Mostly used in Crop Field, Meadows.

Technical information


Diameter: L x W x H (in mm):


  • MS Material
  • Brass Material
  • PVC (Parts and Pipes)
  • Cotton (Belt)
  • Rubber (Gasket)


Cautions & Features:

  • Model: ARS 205.
  • Weight: 9 to 9.5 kg approx.
  • 90 cm. long extension rod with trigger cut off.
  • Sturdy construction and easy operation.
  • Develops sufficient pressure to operate with two discharge lines with any length of hose.
  • Suitable for spraying with High-jet Spray Gun to spray on tall trees.
  • 2 meters long suction hose with a strainer.
  • 8 meters long PVC delivery hose.