General Information: 

The foot sprayer consists of a pressure chamber and all component, paddle is permanently installed and fixed with a frame. In this sprayer, there is no water or material storage tank. Foot Sprayer comes with a one-foot valve (with a long suction hose) which is assembled in the barrel or bucket filled with pesticides or where the chemical is going to spray. The operator need to push the paddle up-down for generating pressure which will then push the pesticide to spray from the Brass lance.

Type: Foot sprayer.


  • Multipurpose sprayer for both small- & large-scale spraying on field crop in Orchards, Apple, Mango, Lemon & Tall trees.
  • Most versatile sprayer for all field crops.


Mostly used in Crop Field, Meadows.

Technical information


Diameter: L x W x H (in mm):


  • MS Material
  • SS material
  • Brass Material
  • PVC (Parts)
  • Cotton (Belt)
  • Rubber (Gasket and Pipes)


Cautions & Features:

  • Model: AFS 105.
  • Weight: 9 to 9.5 kg approx.
  • 90 cm. long lance with Adjustable Nozzle.
  • Sturdy construction and easy operation.
  • 8 meters long delivery hose.
  • 2 meters long suction hose with a strainer.
  • Develops sufficient pressure to operate with two discharge lines with any length of hose.
  • Suitable for spraying with High-jet Spray Gun to spray on tall trees.