Project Description

    Product Features

    • Contain one piece BLOW MOULDED HMHDPE Polylined liner inside M.S.Barrel.
    • Known for their durability and corronsion resistance.
    • The HMHDPE Polyline is jacketed outside with M.S.Barrel for strength and trasport worthiness.
    • Outer surface is painted with high quality paints with advance painting techniques.
    Product Advantages 

    •  Protects chemicals not compatible with Mild Steel to remain secure and leak proof.
    • Polylined M.S.Barrels are provided with 2 50mm theaded type polybung with VITON/TEFLON Gaskets for leak proof sealing of chemicals having low compatibillity to P.P.gaskets.
    • High chemical resistance.
    Product Application 

    •  Highly corrosive and hazardous chemicals.
    • Safe transportation of high value products.
    • Pharmaceutical related products.
    • Pesticides.
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