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Industrial processing Tanks

General Information

Industrial Processing Tanks are general-purpose industrial containers with many configurations depending upon dimensions, orientation, placement, atmospheric pressure, and wall configuration.

Tanks are made of carbon steel, stainless steel, and other specialty metals. These tanks are for above ground use only but are custom designed to suit your specific application. They are available in vertical, rectangular, or cylindrical configurations with flat, cone, dished, sloped, or "V" bottoms or a horizontal structure with flat or dished ends. Exterior coatings, such as primers and epoxies, can also be applied in-house. Tanks may be equipped with options such as manways, ladders, platforms, baffles, sight glasses, mixer bridges, covers, secondary containment, as well as many other custom features.


Materials Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Nickel alloys.

Finishes: Primers, Epoxies, Electropolish, Passivation, Others.

Possible Applications

Electroplating tanks, Pickling tanks, Quench tanks, Plating tanks, Cleaning tanks, Black oxide tanks, Sludge holding tanks, Pressure vessels, Storage tanks, Chemical process tanks, Insulated and jacketed tanks.

Type of Tanks:

  • Air Receiver Tank.
  • General Purpose/Bulk Storage Tank.
  • Formulation Tank.
  • Chemical Tank.
  • Beer Tank.
  • Beverage Tank.
  • Food Processing Tank.
  • Drug/Pharmaceutical Tank.
  • Biofuel process Tank.
  • Expansion Tank.


Industrial Processing Tanks are used in several applications mixing, blending, metering, and dispensing, including short-term storage and long-term storage. Materials of construction will dictate the application that is suitable for the tank.


  • Chemical processing.
  • Cosmetics processing.
  • Food Processing.
  • Beverage processing.
  • Dairy Processing.
  • Oil and fuel processing.
  • Paper and pulp processing.
  • Pharmaceutical processing.
  • Biotech Industry.
  • Plastic processing.
  • Water applications.

Technical information:


Sizes vary as per requirement.


As per the batch process, capacity in gallons requirement/drawing.


  • Steel
  • Alloy Steel
  • Specialty Steel
  • MS Material
  • SS Material
  • Foam Insulation
  • Glass Wool
  • Fiberglass

Pressure rating:

  • Atmospheric


Cautions & Features:

  • High in performance.
  • Sturdy.
  • High-tensile steel.
  • Made with the latest design and engineering technology.
  • Easily installed.
  • Customized for sizes and specifications.
  • Timely delivered.
  • Reliability.