ADARSH PLANT PROTECT LIMITED is a vision and dream that came into existence and got incorporated on 18th June 1992; A Public Limited Company listed in India’s topmost STOCK EXCHANGES (MUMBAI, AHMEDABAD and JAIPUR).

Carrying the legacy ahead and emerging as a flag bearer of innovation for Adarsh Plant Protect Limited, Mr. Atish Patel (Managing Director) has initiated a mission “MAA BACHAO – DESH KO KHUSHAAL BANAO.” As per a UNO survey report, about 5,00,000 women die of HAP (household air pollution) every year in India alone. Remote regions of many developing countries reside in a single room, small houses and huts, and majorly women who do the cooking are directly exposed to harmful levels of HAP (household air pollution). Proactively analyzing existing problems and realizing the grave consequences, the management at Adarsh plant protect limited decided to develop an eco-friendly and economical biomass Chulha. Under our mission, “MAA BACHAO – DESH KO KHUSHAAL BANAO,” this initiative has helped women at large live a healthy life.

Approved by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), GOI (Government of India) has shortlisted Adarsh Plant Protect Limited for buyers’ reference.

Proudly Listed - UNO Agency

We are proudly listed in the Global Directory of Clean Cook Stoves, a database managed and maintained by UNO Agency.

ADARSH PLANT PROTECT LIMITED strives to achieve superior results every time for Our customers, Our Company and Our people.

Outperforming our benchmarks for achieving higher excellence is engraved in our work culture DNA.

Board of Directors

Atish N Patel
Managing Director
Member of Share Transfer Committee & Stakeholders’ Relationship Committee

Naishad N Patel
Mechanical Engineer & Chartered Engineer
Chairman of Share Transfer Committee


Adarsh Plant Protect Limited's List of committees of the board.