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Welcome To Adarsh Plant Protect Limited :

Adarsh Plant Protect Limited is a listed company incorporated on 18th June, 1992. We are continuously contributing to the Nation’s growth through Enhancing Agriculture and Protecting Environment. It has been two decades since our incorporation and we have managed to spread our business in numerous markets. In addition to Sprayer Pumps we have entered into the markt of Seed Dressing Drums, MS/GI Barrels, HMHDPE Composite Barrels of MS/GI, Inside Epoxy Lacquared Barrels and also Eco Friendly and Economical Biomass Clean Cook Stoves.

In its agricultural items division, the company is manufacturing Plant Protect Equipment like various kinds of maual and battery operated knapsack sprayer pumps, fertilizer dusters and broadcasters and manual and power operated seed dressing drums. At presnt there are 16 items in its range of agricultural equipments products list. Hand Operated Agricultural Sprayer Pumps, Foot Operated Agricultural Sprayer Pumps, Rocker Sprayer Pumps, Hand Operated Dusters, Fertilizer Broadcasters and Adarash Brand Biomass Clean Cook Stove are ISI marked and are very popular (as ADARSH Brand)among farmers and general public of various states in Indian Federation. The company is accredited with ISO 9001 : 2008 Certification. Most of these items are sold to farmers through agriculture departments of various states under subsidy. These items are shortly going to be under DGS&D rate contract; our application for which is already being examined by the concerned department.

In its barrels and packaging division, the company is manufacturing Barrels of different specifications, sizes, shapes and materials. It manufactures Barrels with MS / GI sheets, and HMHDPE composite Barrels of MS/GI sheets, inside epoxy lacqured MS Barrels in different colors to match the buyers’ requirements.

Globally, the food is cooked at large by the women, living in one room, small houses and huts, are directly exposed and are sufferers of household air pollution (HAP). As per UNO data, about 5,00,000 women die of HAP every year in India alone, while the global picture is very tragic. The management of the company has decided to develop Eco Friendly and Economical Biomass Chulha to help women living in healthy life. To achieve this, Managing Director of the company, Mr Atish Patel, has started the mission of “MAA BACHAO — DESH KO KHUSHAAL BANAO”.

Capacity wise, we are the largest manufactures of Biomass Clean Cook Stove in India and also well established in Barrel segment market.

The company is an active partner in UNO’s mission of providing biomass clean cook stoves to the needy families across the globe by the year 2020.

Mr Atish Patel, who is a B. E (Mech), MBA (Marketing) and Chartered Engineer, has innovated, designed and developed his improved biomass Clean Cook Stove and he has applied to get it patented as Biomass Cook Stove. His product has been approved by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), GOI, and has been short listed by them for buyers’ reference. The laboratory tests have rated this product for 28.82% thermal Efficiency. Adarsh Plant Protect Limited has been manufacturing this product as Adrash Biomass Clean Cook Stove which has also taken a place in the Global Directory of Clean Cook Stoves, maintained by the UNO Agency.