Agricultural sprayer pumps

Sprayer pumps matching International standards and export quality, ranging from Battery operated to foot-operated sprayers.

Agriculture equipment

Solution-oriented equipment used for agricultural activities internationally. Diverse product ranges from manually operated to motorized seed dresser and processing equipment’s.

Eco-Friendly Stove

We take pride in our invention “ADARSH BIOMASS CLEAN COOK STOVE” and are listed in the Global Directory of Clean Cookstoves, an agency managed by UNO.

Transformer Core frame

Designed for being reliable and sturdy, we use the latest engineering technology to develop customized and size specific Transformer support structures.


Adarsh Plant Protect Ltd

We are a team of highly qualified engineers and experienced technicians (second to none) ready to deal with any challenges and cater to any project ranging in shape and size as demanded and required by the clients.

signature- Naishad Patel

Since 1992

Precise Custom

Showcasing our production capabilities to handle custom fabrication solutions applicable to many industries including and not limited to Aerospace, Agricultural, Architecture, Chemical, Construction mining, Oil & Gas, Alternative energy, F&B, and Government agencies.

Customized fabrication involves the process of cutting, burning, welding, machining, forming, and assembly to create oversized components and materials for final products like heavy equipment, machinery, and structure.


Manufacturing gates for Hydro Power plants used for flood discharge, water inlet & outlet for power generation, river diversion etc. We create fully controlled hydro-mechanical gates for powerhouse inlet & outlet structures.


Our capacity & expertise in building oversized components and materials to create heavy equipment, large machinery and mega structures involve a highly skilled team to deliver such diversified service solutions with perfection every time.


Manufacturing of above-ground horizontal, underground, single skinned & double skinned tanks to handle & manage Liquid and compressed gases. We follow strict industry measures & country-specific guidelines and regulations for client requirements to control varying temperatures & pressures.

Eco Friendly

• Adarsh Biomass Clean cook Stove our innovation recognized & listed in Global Directory of clean cook stoves an agency managed by UNO.
• We are India’s largest biomass clean cook stove manufacturer.
• Proudly listed with UNO managed agency of Global Directory of clean cook stoves.

Knapsack Sprayer ANM-516 01 02 Jerry Drum Learn more → 02 30 ltr HDPE Jerry Drum 03 Seed Dresser HDPE ASD-10 G 03 Seed Dresser Seed Dresser HDPE ASD-10 G Learn more → 01 Knapsack Sprayer Battery Operated Knapsack Sprayer ANM-516 Learn more → Our Products

Our Production

• Ranging from Composite Barrels to Zinc electroplated barrels, we can support your customised needs and specification.
• We produce Durable and transport friendly all varieties of Barrels.
• Our manufactured Barrels currently cater multiple sectors including and not limited to Chemical, Aromatic, Food and Oil Industries.