Agriculture Pump Sprayer

Sprayer pumps matching International standards and export quality, ranging from battery operated to foot-operated sprayers.

Agriculture Equipment and Tools

Solution-oriented equipment used for agricultural activities internationally. Diverse product ranges from manually operated to motorized seed dresser and processing equipment.

Smokeless Chulha Stoves

We take pride in our invention “ADARSH BIOMASS CLEAN COOK STOVE” and are listed in the Global Directory of Clean Cookstoves, an agency managed by UNO.

Metal Barrels and Plastic Drums

Metal barrels and plastic HDPE drums designed for being reliable and sturdy, we use the latest engineering technology to develop customised and size specific barrels.


Adarsh Plant Protect Ltd

We are a team of highly qualified engineers and experienced technicians (second to none) ready to deal with any challenges and cater to any project ranging in shape and size as demanded and required by the clients.

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Since 1992

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A company believes in young and talented professionals & leaders, we are looking for more of them. It encourages individuals to achieve great heights at fast pace even as it cherishes the wisdom of its senior leaders.

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Precise Custom

Showcasing our production capabilities to handle custom fabrication solutions applicable to many industries including and not limited to Aerospace, Agricultural, Architecture, Chemical, Construction mining, Oil & Gas, Alternative energy, F&B, and Government agencies.

Customized fabrication involves the process of cutting, burning, welding, machining, forming, and assembly to create oversized components and materials for final products like heavy equipment, machinery, and structure.

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Transformer Tanks

Transformer tank also named transformer tank body. It is used to hold, protect, cool the winding and core in one Electrical distributor transformer.

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Transformer Core Frame

The core of the transformer is used to support the windings. It is made of mild steel to reduce eddy current loss and Hysteresis loss and provides a low reluctance path to magnetic flux flow.

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Zinc Electroplated Barrel

It is a cylindrical shaped packaging product to store liquid form of products like industrial products, chemicals, acids, foods & beverages, edible products, aromatic & aroma products, etc.

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Smokeless Chulha Cook Stove

• Adarsh Smokeless Chulha Biomass Clean Cook Stove our innovation recognised & listed in Global Directory of clean cook stoves an agency managed by UNO.
• We are India’s largest biomass clean cook stove manufacturer.
• Proudly listed with UNO managed agency of Global Directory of smokeless eco friendly clean angithi stoves. Learn More

Metal Barrels and Steel Barrels

• Metal and steel barrels ranging from Composite Barrels to Zinc Electroplated Barrels, we can support your customised needs and specification.
• We produce durable and transport friendly all varieties of Barrels.
• Our manufactured Barrels currently cater to  chemical, aromatic, food and oil industries including multiple other markets. Learn More