Welcome To Adarsh Plant Protect Limited
Contributing to The Nation’s Growth Through Enhancing
Agriculture & Protecting Environment !!”

Agriculture Sprayer Pump

Discover The Right Way To Spray

Latest Technology with Safety

We are manufacturing latest manual & Battery operated sprayer pumps to spread pesticides on crops to save it from any pest & diseases.

Barrels & Drums

We make Barrels Confirming with BIS(ISI) & International Standards

Finest Quality Barrels & Drums

We have invested our efforts & resources to develop top class expertise for the production of finest quality barrels & drums.

Adarsh Clean Cook Stove

Respite from Household Air Pollution

Less Time, Less Fuel, Less Smoke

Adarsh Clean Cook Stove is clean, affordable & healthy alternative to traditional chula in India reduce the risk of injury of death caused by Smoke Inhalations along with conservation of wood.

Adarsh Plant Protect Limited

Adarsh Plant Protect Limited is a listed company incorporated on 18th June, 1992. We are continuously contributing to the Nation’s growth through Enhancing Agriculture output and Protecting Environment. It has been two decades since our incorporation and we have managed to spread our business in numerous markets. In addition to Sprayer Pumps we have entered into the market of Seed Dressing Drums, MS/GI Barrels, HMHDPE Composite Barrels of MS/GI, Inside Epoxy Lacquared Barrels and also Eco Friendly and Economical Biomass Clean Cook Stoves.

Our Products

Knapsack Sprayer
Outer Cylinder Sprayer
Hi- Tech Sprayer
Battery Operated Sprayer
Hi- Grow Sprayer
Foot Sprayer
Rocker Sprayer
Hand Rotary Duster
Fertilizer Broadcaster
Seed Dresser
Galvanized barrel from G.P Sheets
Epoxy / lacquered Coated barrel
M.S.HMHDPE Poly-line Composite barrel
R-11 Type Mig welded barrel
M.S.plain - Fixed Head barrel
M.S.plain - Open Head barrel
M.S.Plain Barrel - Non Return Valve on Top Lid
Adarsh Clean Cook Stove
Adarsh Community Stove

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